Sweet relief has worked its way down into the Sunshine State in the form of cool, dry air. (Hello there elusive, old friend!)  We can finally go outside and do all sorts of stuff now, like breathe and think. It’s a beautiful thing, really. Here are some of my favorite clients soaking it all in.  Thanks guys!


You may recognize this beautiful family from my slideshow header up above.  Their little girl is one of my favorites. She has THE BEST giggle ever. Enjoy your preview guys.


It’s always so good to hear from this family every year.  I’ve been taking their pictures since the kiddos were rolling around in their baby Gator onesies, and now I’m on my toes chasing them around!  Those beautiful green eyes just kill me. Enjoy!



Though he may be but little, he is fierce.

Beautiful baby Sawyer here made his big debut several weeks early.  He’s finally home with his amazing Mama and Daddy, right where he belongs.  And now adventure awaits!  Enjoy!



F O L L O W   O N   F A C E B O O K